5 comments on “I am STILL living | 6 months after finding out I’m HIV Positive

  1. Awesome update, Josh! You are inspiring to many in how to react to life changing events. Stay you!

  2. Nice to read the “Relationship”-part… I recently found out that my X, who cheated on me for around 2 yrs and brought hiv to our house, is happy. With another man. Not me. I’m still alone. Living in a big city in Germany, still horrified about getting close to someone, having to reveal my status.
    I don’t get this, I was the good one, I was true and honest, and he ends up being happy. Though I wish him to be happy. It doesn’t seem to be fair.
    So thanks for sharing ur stories here, seeing that it would work, even with a negative guy, somehow lightens my day a little…

    • Glad to know that it helped, even in a small way… Thank you for reading and sharing parts of your own story. We are all in this together… josh

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