5 comments on “DUDE That Exposed Me To HIV SPEAKS (Part 1)

  1. Very important work and writing. Keep writing and posting Josh. Keep finding good in your life that’s come from this. Keep helping other guys. I’m proud to “know” you. Kent

  2. This is truly great Josh and I have nothing but utter respect and admiration for the way that you chose to write about this individual. Instead of characterizing him as a villain like some people may have chosen to do so, you chose to show him for what he really is. A human being, with human emotions, who made certain choices and is now forced to deal with the consequences of these decisions. I hope you realize just how important all the work that you choose to do regarding your status, and helping others who may be in the same situations to cope with their status actually is. While many people choose to inforce the negative stereotypes that are associated with HIV, you are a breath of fresh air that will hopefully only encourage a positive change for future generations. As the daughter of two gay dads I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have been forced to deal with such stereotypes. Keep up all the great work and keep yourself healthy! -Emma

  3. Truly inspirational Josh and remember it does not define us keep doing what youre doing sending poz luv from Canada

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