According to Nashville CARES:

HIV/AIDS in Middle Tennessee

  •  Almost 7,500 HIV/AIDS cases reported since 1982 (through 2009) 
  •  290 new HIV cases in 2009; 400 HIV and AIDS cases
  •  About 5,600 people currently living with HIV/AIDS in Middle TN.  These are reported cases; actual number may be 20% higher (6,700)
  •  Mainly urban: 70% in Davidson county; but cases in every county
  •  Reported annual new HIV infections have increased 34% over past 5 years though this is probably due as much to expanded HIV testing as it is to any increase in risky behaviors
  •  Davidson County alone has 25% of state cases 
  •  New HIV Infections: 46% African American, 7% Hispanic
  •  22% of new HIV infections are women; African American women are 66% of new infections among women
  •  Men who have sex with men (MSM) are 52% of new HIV infections
  •  17% of new HIV cases are under age 25 and 25% are over age 44 (6% are 55+)

HIV/AIDS in Greater Nashville

  •  Almost 7,000 HIV/AIDS cases reported since 1982 (through 2009) 
  •  Almost 4,900 living with HIV/AIDS in Greater Nashville. These are reported cases; actual number may be 20% higher (5,900)
  •  320 new HIV cases in 2009; 400 new HIV and AIDS cases.
  • Greater Nashville has 31% of state cases 
  • New HIV Infections: 50% African American, 7% Hispanic
  •  Women are 20% of new HIV cases; 75% of women are African American
  •  Men who have sex with men (MSM) are 48% of new HIV infections
  •  14% of new HIV infections under age 25 and 34% over age 44 (6% 55+)
  •  22% of those living with HIV/AIDS were diagnosed concurrently with AIDS and HIV infection and 7% were diagnosed with AIDS within 1 year of their HIV diagnosis—showing a need for earlier diagnosis and linkage to care.

THINGS TO KNOW…  (will be updated as information becomes available)

Only roughly 50% of newly HIV-infected individuals show signs of Acute HIV Infection.  What does this mean?  You got it! They are potentially passing it along or exposing others without even knowing they are in fact, HIV positive.

       “I feel lucky because I am one of the few that had Acute HIV Infection symptoms. I was able to catch it early. ” – Josh

9 comments on “facts

  1. I am so very proud of you, my son, for the way YOU are handling this in such a positive way. I am a firm believer that you confront your battles head on and with a positive attitude that you not only help yourself but you also set examples for others to follow. As a person who has an immune disorder, I know first hand that hidding it, backing away from people who love you and not allowing support to come in only makes things extremely hard, but feel very alone. You are never alone…..your family is with you; right beside you all the way!! love you very much

  2. I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of this blog. You have always been destined for great things and I believe in my heart of hearts that you are making the world a better place…

  3. thanks for writing Josh.. i love your writing.. I added you in facebook but that’s on my real account, and in this part of the world, its appreciated that no one talks openly about +ve..

    Cheers, and thanks for following on Twitter, have reciprocated.

  4. Bravo, Josh, on your authorship of this site and your courage to go public. Prevention is a worthy cause. We should also always remember that finding a CURE is a NOBLE cause. And, in the meantime, we should not unfairly harm all HIV+ people by doing anything to perpetuate HIV stigma and ignorance. The assumption that all HIV+ people are automatically contagious is a harmful myth that has been disproved by science. For more information, see:

  5. I found out today thatbim a poz I’ve have taken it very hard to say the least I’m round of you for sharing your story

  6. Hey Josh. I found your website after watching your video on YouTube. Mad respect to you for being that vulnerable. If that was not the first ever documented hiv testing experience it was certainly the most impactful. Please keep it up. Helps people stay more informed about life. Bet wishes dude.

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